Prepared by board members:

Julie Stanley, President

Heidi Ryan, Membership Director

Amanda Drake, Member-at-Large



Revised: 2/17/18

Mike Araiza

Heidi Ryan

Jeff Lozano

Bob Tennant

Karen Lozano

Eligibility Criteria


All members of the ShadowChase board should demonstrate leadership, communication, and social skills. Board members are expected to demonstrate and promote the mission statement of the club which states: The mission of the ShadowChase Running Club is to promote healthy lifestyles through running and running related activities in Modesto and surrounding communities.


Vice President/President/Past President

The position of Vice President is an elected position to a three year term in which the candidate will serve one year as Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President. As Vice President, the primary focus is to promote, support, and engage in the growth and well-being of the ShadowChase Running Club and its core values.  The second focus as Vice President is to shadow and support the current President. Through this, the Vice President should learn the leadership and responsibilities of this role, including club policies, structure, and mechanics of club operations.

As President, in addition, they will be responsible for setting the agenda, leading the business meeting, soliciting the monthly department reports, and overseeing the operations of the club. The President serves as a main point of contact to the ShadowChase email account.

As Past President, they would sit on the Board as an advisory position to ensure continuity in the leadership.


  • Must have held a leadership role or demonstrated leadership capacity in an organizational setting
  • Active member of ShadowChase for a minimum of one year
  • Candidates should attend at least two board meetings before accepting a nomination


The Treasurer is responsible for the general ledger, the monthly profit and loss statements, balance sheet reports, budgets, account reconciliation, annual tax filing coordination, sales tax reporting, and acts as a financial advisor on the Board of Directors. The Treasurer manages all bank accounts for the club, manages cash, and pays invoices. This position would sit on the Finance committee. The club currently uses Quickbooks for financial management.


  • At least 5 years of accounting or finance experience or at least two year of formal accounting education

Membership Director

This position manages the relationship and affiliation with Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).  The Membership Director maintains information in the membership database, sends welcome letters, tracks member renewals, promotes new and renewed memberships, manages the online membership renewal system, oversees member relations, and serves as a main point of contact for the ShadowChase email accounts. This position manages the paperwork for RRCA  insurance and is responsible for submitting ShadowChase events onto the RRCA calendar.


-Moderate functionality in Excel

-An aptitude for learning communication software programs

-Proficient interpersonal communication skills


The position is responsible for recording and distributing meeting minutes to the Board, maintaining past meeting minutes including previous decisions that were made by the Board, tracking club timelines and administrative support for the Board of Directors. The Secretary plays a key role in keeping the format of Board meetings under the structure of Roberts Rules. He or she shall be responsible for contacting local schools regarding donations. This role may monitor and respond to the ShadowChase mail and email accounts.


-Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel

-Candidates should be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order before accepting a nomination

-Should be able to type around 35 words per minute

Promotions Director

The Promotions Director is responsible for promoting club events and managing the club’s public image and promotional materials. He or she partners with the technology committee to provide club information to manage all digital platforms including websites, social media, email, and Mail Chimp. This position coordinates and/or develops content to be distributed to club members and/or community organizations. This position serves as the spokesperson to the media and community and should be comfortable with presenting and public speaking.


-Experience working with computers and digital forums

-Experience with public speaking

Social Director

The position is responsible for leading the social committee that assists with planning club events including: monthly general/social meetings, plan the annual May social (formerly pizza party), the annual BBQ, the Christmas Party, and the Annual Banquet.  The Social Director plays a key role in partnering with the Promotions Director to promote social events. This position is responsible for recognizing significant life events by sending regards to members.


-Proficient interpersonal communication skills

Run Director

The Run Director oversees all ShadowChase race events by supporting the Race Directors. This position works with the Race Directors on ShadowChase owned events to ensure they have volunteers or other club support needed. For events in which ShadowChase is hired to provide services, the Run Director is responsible for managing the contract with the organization for the rental of ShadowChase race equipment, and collecting payments. The Run Director works with and participates on the timing committee. This position is responsible for following up with timing teams and/or Race Directors to obtain and distribute race results. This role serves as the liaison between the timing committee and the ShadowChase Board of Directors. The Run Director  is responsible for invoicing clients for timing, support services and equipment rental.


-Previous Race Director experience


There are two Member-At-Large positions that sit on the Board of Directors. This position works as a liaison between the members and the Board of Directors. This role is for a first-time board member. Members-At-Large may be asked to assume various responsibilities by the President such as managing volunteer activities.