About Our Running Club

ShadowChase Running Club (SRC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes running, walking and fitness-related activities in the greater Modesto area.

ShadowChase Running Club (SRC)

Members take great pride in giving back to our community, both financially and through volunteerism and community involvement. Two of our biggest expenditures benefiting the entire community has been the purchase of four water fountains in local parks, two along the Virginia Corridor and two in the East La Loma Park/Dry Creek area. Also, the installation of six exercise stations along the Virginia Corridor.

Our Mission

The mission of The ShadowChase Running Club is to promote healthy lifestyles through running and running related activities in Modesto and surrounding communities.

Our History

ShadowChase Running Club was started in 1978 around December. Some of the early founders are Lew Mahew, John Lucas, Randy Siefkin, Al Stoll, Frank Bushakra and Mike Miller. They met regularly at the Modesto Junior College Science Building. The name ShadowChase came from a group of guys who were running and saw their shadows in front of them, thus coming up with the name.

Community Impact


Since 2014, ShadowChase has given over $32,646-plus back to the community through school running programs as well as other organizations that promote the health and well-being of our community. Also, over $100,000 has been awarded to TRM senior students in scholarships for those who completed the Modesto Marathon and TRM program.

Some of our recipients include:

  • Stanislaus Community Foundation: $487
  • Schools: $21,700
  • The Vet Center: $9092
  • Valley Family Medicine Residency $700
  • George Mark Children’s House: $667
  • TRM scholarships in 2017 $20,000, total since 2010 $100,000

SRC occasionally donates to one-time causes. Including memorial funds for our members and other charities.

Teens Run Modesto

SRC’s main fund-raiser is the Modesto Marathon, held every March. Marathon proceeds benefit the Teens Run Modesto program, in which we challenge area students, especially those considered “at risk,” to experience the benefits of goal-setting, character development, dedication and healthy lifestyles through training for and completing the Modesto Marathon.

Besides the teens’ program, SRC members sponsor an adult program, challenging community members to get up off the couch and become active through running or walking the Modesto Marathon’s 5K, 10k, half marathon or full marathon.


ShadowChase raises its funds through organizing and timing area running events. Besides the Modesto Marathon, we organize the Modesto Memorial Classic, Riverbank For The Cheese, and the Escalon Park Fete. In addition, the club is hired to time other area races, such as the Modesto’s Spirit of Giving, Lodi Run 4 Water, Run For Health. Members volunteer thousands of hours to help these events take place, and quite often the club donates part of its proceeds back to race sponsors.

Our Members

The ShadowChase Running Club does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, sex or age in admission into membership, services, treatment, or participation in its programs, race events or activities.
No person shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of any service, or be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, nationality, religion, sex, age, or disability.

Our members represent a broad range of fitness-related interests and abilities. Some jog an occasional mile, a few are accomplished marathoners and ultra marathoners. We have walkers and those who push strollers. But most of us just like to get outside and run whatever distance and pace catches our fancy that day.

Code of Conduct

Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct established by the Board of Directors.  All members must follow the established Code of Conduct as outlined below which may be changed at the direction of the board.

Member Benefits

  • Lectures and clinics
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Information about regional running activities
  • An opportunity to meet and share with other runners and walkers
  • Weekly club runs and training sessions.
  • Seasonal fun runs/walks
  • The ShadowChase Grand Prix race series and 4 Race Series
  • Monthly meetings and social gatherings
  • An annual barbecue in September
  • An annual awards banquet, dinner and dance in January
  • Marathon Training Groups
  • Walking Groups

Our Board Members

The ShadowChase Board is comprised of 11 volunteers elected by the membership. To learn more about each board position and its qualifications, see our Board Eligibility Policy. To view past and upcoming Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes, please click here.

Danielle Jensen

Ted Jacka

Danielle Myers

Rebecca Ciszek

Susan Cooper

Heidi Ryan

Bree Fitzpatrick

Mike Araiza

Susan Simas

Dave Stoutenburg