ShadowChase Award Winners

Honoring our running clubs’ best each year from top performers, most inspirational, and more.

2023 Award Winners

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement

Dave Busby

Male Runner of the Year

Steve O'Conner

Female Runner of the Year

Susan Simas

Volunteer of the Year

Barbara Miller

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational

Tommy Jacobs

Rookie of the Year

Dave Stoutenburg & Zamanda Valle

Walker of the Year

Rick King

Trail Runner of the Year

Clark Casey & Natalia Lomeli

Past Award Winners

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement:  Jeff Lozano

Male Runner: Andrew Taylor

Female Runner: Stacy Oldfield & Cheryl Gallo

Volunteer: Fred Myetich

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Jerome Hicks

Rookie: Arron Buttram

Walker: Jayne Fenton

Female Trail Runner of the Year: Ling Leong

Male Trail Runner of the Year: Vance Roget

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement:  Allen Miller

Male Runner: Edward Charles

Female Runner: Linda Banda

Volunteer: Vance Roget

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Jessica Curtiss & Fred Johnston

Rookie: Jim Sarment

Walker: Frank Leguria & Robin Melena

Trail Runner of the Year: Nile Sousa & Linda McFadden

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement:  Mike Araiza

Male Runner: Robert Root

Female Runner: Christina Strohmeyer

Volunteer: Robert Wurm & Bree Fitzpatrick

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Sean Dodge & Lorena Daniel Rodriguez

Rookie: Gaby Borguez

Walker: Amador Melena & Pam Kidroske

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement: Dale Ghaner

Male Runner: Gary Hayward

Female Runner: Sukhy Gill

Volunteer: Jerome Hicks & Mike Mason

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Kelly Eakin & David Magana

Rookie: Katie Souza

Walker: Karen Hall & Roger Williams

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement: Heidi Ryan

Male Runner: Shane Jones

Female Runner: Susana Perez

Volunteer: Jerry Nance & Danielle Myers

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Xenia Foresti & Joseph Jacobs

Rookie: Bree Fitzpatrick

Walker: Bob Tennent & Marj Whinery

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement: Barbara Miller

Male Runner: Robert Serpa

Female Runner: Jennifer Yelland-Redding

Volunteer: Tom Stanley & Debbie Myetich

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Fred Myetich & Penny White

Rookie: Shane Jones

Walker: Leanne Mason

Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement: Charlie Johnson

Male Runner: Charles Wickersham

Female Runner: Ramona Huerta

Volunteer: Jeff Lozano & Rita Perez

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Robert Root & A.J. Mitchell

Rookie: Rod Tilson

Walker: Lana Daily

Male Runner: Jon Olsen

Female Runner: Betty Topping

Volunteer: Chad A. Johnson

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Deanna Valdry

Rookie: Heather Nillson

Male Walker: Mike Segura

Female Walker: Anna Gomes

Male Runner: Jesse Santana

Female Runner: Tiffany Walker

Volunteer: Bonnie Creely & Susan Cooper

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Nile Sousa

Rookie: Allen Doty

Male Walker: Roman Salazar

Female Walker: Rose Louis

Male Runner: Bruce Hartley

Female Runner: Janice Kesterson

Volunteer: Melanie Wiegand

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Richard Prestia

Rookie: Carmen C.

Male Walker: Sammy D.

Female Walker: “T”

Male Runner: Garry Browning

Female Runner: Karen Lozano

Volunteer: Mike Araiza & Leslie Antonis

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Barbara Miller

Rookie: Susan Taylor

Male Runner: Dave Barrett

Female Runner: Vickie Chu-Hermis

Volunteer: Lewis Ase

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Daniel Gonzales

Male Runner: Nile Sousa & Charles Wickersham

Female Runner: Kelly Hartley

Volunteer: Dave Busby

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Mike Mason

Male Runner: Gale Grossman

Female Runner: Barbara Miller

Volunteer: Dale Ghaner

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Barbara Elia

Male Runner: Javier Del Rio

Female Runner: Leslie Antonis

Volunteer: Tess Cormier

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Vance Roget

Male Runner: Jon Olsen

Female Runner: Nancy Morehead

Volunteer: Vicky Boyd

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Adrian Crane

Male Runner: Mike Boyer

Female Runner: Cheryl Wolfley

Volunteer: Heidi Ryan

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Frank Earnst

Male Runner: Michael Dean

Female Runner: Vicky Boyd

Volunteer: Larry Smith

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Charlie Johnson

Male Runner: Doug Braasch

Female Runner: Jan Miller

Volunteer: Tony Smith

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Barbara Miller

Male Runner: Chris Hurst

Female Runner: Joann Grether

Volunteer: Kathy Sandner

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Loretta Ghaner

Female Runner: Carol Mikkelsen

Volunteer: Mike Araiza

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Adrian Crane

Male Runner: Mike Galas

Female Runner: Candy Smith & Mitzi Styer

Volunteer: Loretta Ghaner

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Charlie Johnson

Male Runner: Larry Smith

Female Runner: Linda McFadden

Volunteer: Carey Gregg

Frank Earnst Most Inspirational: Mitzi Styer

Female Runner: Linda Elam

Volunteer: Charlie Johnson

Male Runner: Martin Roche & Bill Lawson

Volunteer: Joann Hull

Volunteer: Heidi Ryan