2017 Annual Award Winners

At the Annual Awards Banquet ten ShadowChase members received awards for their amazing accomplishments.

  1. Male Runner if the Year-  Gary Hayward
  2. Female Runner of the Year- Sukhy Gill
  3. Volunteer of the Year-  Jerome Hicks & Mike Mason
  4. Frank Earnst Most Inspirational Award- Kelly Eakin & David Magana
  5. Rookie of the Year- Katie Souza
  6. Female Walker of the Year- Karen Hall
  7. Male Walker of the Year- Roger Williams
  8. Charlie Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award- Dale Ghaner

Also,  awards were given to our top running participatants in the Running and Volunteering Grand Prix.

Top three volutneers are:

  1. Allen Miller
  2. Robert Root
  3.  Dave Busby

Top three male and female runners are:


  1. Bob Tennent 449 points
  2. Don Harris 388 points
  3. David Hill 382 points


  1. Debbie Kleinfelder 422 points
  2. Barbara Elia 416 points
  3. Brittany Hill 353 points
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