4 Race Series medal eligibility

Click Here to see if you are in the running for the 4 Race Series finish medal.

You don’t have to be a ShadowChase member to receive a race series medal.

If you participated in the first 3 races and are participating in the last one you will receive a special medal.  If you missed this year, that’s OK!

We are doing it again next year.  Watch for the dates of these 4 races in 2018.


Modesto Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay or 5k

Modesto Memorial Classic

Escalon Park Fete

Riverbank Run for the Cheese


If you have run the first 3 races and you don’t see your name, please contact us at info@shadowchase.org

Rules of the series:  Must have registered and participated under your name for each race.   Must pick up your race series medal at the ShadowChase booth at Riverbank Run for the Cheese.


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