Congratulations to the 2022 ShadowChase designated runner for Western States

Attn: Western States Qualifiers


October is the Month that the Western States Race organization asks us to make our selection for the ShadowChase Running club designated runner.  We are given the opportunity to select an individual from our club to get into the race without going through the lottery.  Western States allows approx. 375 runners each year with over 6000 people applying to be in the lottery last year.

Last year we chose Andrew Taylor as our designated runner with Karen Lozano being a close 2nd.  At that time the ShadowChase board made the decision that if Karen qualified again for the 2022 race, we would select her as the designated runner for 2022.  Karen has applied to run Western States and has not been selected in the lottery for 8 years now.  She has fulfilled all the protocols for being considered as our designated runner.

In the event Karen is not able to participate we have until May 1st to appoint another club individual who has a Western States qualifying time and entered the race but did not get picked in the lottery.

Please let us know if you are interested in being considered if Karen is not able to participate.

I have included below the protocol for being considered to be a ShadowChase designated runner.


Western States Club Entry protocol

Western States race organizers are requiring that all club entrants must have helped at the Western States Race in a prior year preferably two years.  ShadowChase Running Club has created additional criteria for eligibility for entry for the ShadowChase Running Club entry slot.

This is the ShadowChase Running Club’s process in which we choose a member for the Western States Aid Station entry.

  1. Must be a ShadowChase Running club member in good standing for at least 2 years.
  2. Have not received the club entry before, unless everyone has already received it, then we will consider all people interested.
  3. We give priority to those who are most active in the club.
  4. If runner has tried to get in lottery or club entry before and not been chosen, they would have priority.
  5. Must have worked Pointed Rocks Aid Station for 2 years.   Set up & volunteer shifts or volunteer shifts and tear down. Pacing is not considered as volunteering to help.


If there is a decision to be made at this point with more than 1 member, we would flip a coin or draw straws.


Past Western States winners for the club entry

1999 Yitzhak Gilon

2003 Vance Roget

2004 Frank Earnst

2005 John Olsen

2006 Linda McFadden

2007 Leslie Antonis

2008 Jack Styer

2009 Cancelled

2010 John Sousa

2011 Charles Wickersham

2012 Karen Lozano

2013 Karen Lozano

2014 Nile Sousa

2015 Thomas Lopes

2016 Vance Roget

2017 Shane Jones

2018 Nile Sousa

2019 Ted Jacka

2020 Cancelled

2021 Andrew Taylor


After you are selected as the ShadowChase representative you will be required to wear a ShadowChase shirt once you reach Squaw Valley and also during the race to represent our club.  We will provide you the shirt of your choice.

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