Heavy Hearts

It is with heavy hearts we mourn the loss of two of our long-time club members

Ed Miller and Loretta Ghaner.

Both of them are legacies in our running family.

We want to honor them by sharing a little about them.


Ed Miller passed on May 22, at 86 years of age.

Ed had a hematoma on his leg that was removed through surgery.  After surgery he was sent to rehab to recover.  His physical therapist thought he should be seen again because he didn’t look well. He passed from complications in the emergency room.

Ed served several years as a ShadowChase board member in the late 1980s. He also published the club’s newsletters when we did them the old-fashioned way — printed on real paper using real stamps.  When he wasn’t running at our local races, he was volunteering at them.  Some of the major races he prided himself in were Davos, Switzerland, Death Valley, Napa Relay and the infamous Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.  He was a hero and mentor too many fellow runners. His passion for running never left him as he aged when it became harder for him to continue running.

After getting a new hip he had to slow down and walk/bike instead. Ed always talked about the many experiences he had along his journey running. He shared his stories about his adventures with the club members and the places he went with each of them.

He was also an avid traveler. Hiking, cross country skiing, mountaineering, and camping were among his favorite things to do. He fell in love with Nepal and their culture and continued to foster friendships with the people he met there.

Ed was such a genuine person welcoming everyone. Memories will live on within those who knew him. RIP Ed!


Loretta Ghaner passed on May 25, at 66 years of age. 

Loretta married the ShadowChase running club when Dale joined in 1987.  She said if you can’t beat them, then join them. You couldn’t miss seeing Loretta at most all of the ShadowChase managed races. Loretta was one of our front-line volunteers working the registration table and finish line for almost 30 years.

Loretta, a cancer survivor in the middle 1990s, led a ShadowChase team to participate in the Relay for Life which raised thousands of dollars for cancer research for several years.

After that she worked with Memorial Hospital organizing the Cancer Awareness Run and was a major player helping organize the event for 10 years. Even though she didn’t run she found her way to be a part of the running community.

Loretta supported Dale in most all his running endeavors. Cheering, volunteering, and traveling to the top 10 most scenic US marathons in support of his goal. She also attended many, many board meetings while Dale served on the ShadowChase board.  Her contributions to our club are priceless and endless.

Because of their strong family ethic and loving relationship, they have set an example that others envy.  Loretta loved her kids and grandkids like nothing else, sharing many trips to Pinecrest for the Pinecrest Run in August with the family, along with Concerts in the Park, Christmas and 4th of July parades, baseball games and the list goes on.

Loretta was cancer free for 18-plus years until cancer reared its ugly head and took her by surprise in February. We hoped we would have more time with her to celebrate all the fun things we did together over the years.


The worst part of all is we can’t hug; we can’t celebrate their lives together as we would have done before.  We send love to their families and want them to know how much they are loved and that we will cherish the memories we have for their loved ones.


We would love to have you share any memories by making a comment on our ShadowChase facebook page.

I’m sure their loved ones would love to see your special memories!

ShadowChase Running Club has sent a donation in honor of both Loretta and Ed to their respective charities. We invite our members who see fit to do so as well.

The Ghaner family has selected: Memorial Hospital Foundation Complementary Therapy Fund( Select Cancer Complementary therapy programs)

If you would like to send a card.

Dale Ghaner, 816 Altamont Ct, Modesto, CA. 95358


The Miller family has selected: Community Mediation Project of The Asia Foundation in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ed and his daughter Therese worked on contract to The Asia Foundation in the earliest days of program development and training of the first set of Master Trainers.  They made 12 trips to Nepal during 2003-2008 as this program bloomed and flowered and finally stood on its own.  This program has impacted thousands of Nepali people in the local villages, which was one of the proudest accomplishments of Ed’s life.

Here are a couple links to two articles about the program.  The first article “Community Mediation in Nepal” is a brief overview of the structure, scope and impact of the program.  The second is a more recent blog post about the program, “Mediation: A Hospital that Stitches Broken Hearts.”  Both of these were written by Preeti Thapa who was one of the people in their very first mediation training class in 2003.  Preeti is now the Deputy Country Representative for the Kathmandu office of the Asia Foundation.

Ed’s daughter Therese is working with Preeti to figure out a way that people can make donations directly to the Community Mediation Program in Kathmandu.  As soon as they get this worked out, she will let us know.  In the meantime, anyone who wants to make a donation is welcome to write a check to (Therese Miller, 154 Victoria Lane, Lewisburg, PA 17837), and make a note in the memo line that it is for donation to the Nepal Mediation Program.  She will then combine these into a single donation to Kathmandu office of The Asia Foundation, and make sure that it goes directly to the mediation program.

If you would like to send a card.

Terri Miller, 7700 Fox Rd. F 314, Hughson, CA. 95326






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