January GEM contest



It’s that time of year!  Who’s ready for a new start?  🖐🏼 This Month’s gem contest has two parts.

Part one:  We want to hear your mileage goal for the year!  What’s it going to be? 500, 1000, 2100, or more or less?  Let’s cheer each other on to reach whatever goal we set!  Remember, we can’t reach a goal we don’t set.  Aim High!!!

✨Post your year goal on our Facebook Page and you will get an entry into this month’s raffle

Part two:  To kick off our New Year’s running goals.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Post your mileage goal for January=1 raffle ticket
  2. Each Saturday night, post your weekly mileage=1 raffle ticket
    1. Week total out of the month total
      1. Example:
        1. Week 1 total=12/100 (12= miles that week, 100=monthly goal)
  3. At the end of the month, we will total each post and that same number will be the number of raffles tickets in the month’s drawing.


🌟 We look forward to hearing from and cheering on our running family! 🌟

Here’s to a great 2021!! 🥳


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