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Most people are not aware of the Silver Award in Girl Scouts. However, Kiana Engel, 13, and Katrina Fitzpatrick, 14, took on the ambitious project to educate runners about the safety of running to complete their Silver project. This award is the second highest award in Girl Scouts and the top accomplishment at the Cadette level.

Project requirements include:
1) completing a minimum of 50 hours of work
2) locating a problem outside of the Girl Scout community
3) making the project sustainable, and in their case, finishing within a deadline of five months.

The first step was to find a project idea that they cared passionately about; for them this was running and getting people active. For their project scope they decided to promote runner’s safety in their community of Modesto, California. The end result can best be described as – S.A.F.E (Safety, Awareness, Fitness and Etiquette). Four categories of running tips developed as both handouts or to be posted on the ShadowChase website with weblinks to other important safety sights. In addition, they created a video of do’s and don’ts which will also be posted on the ShadowChase running club’s website and used as a training tool for new members.

They extend special thanks to three extremely, helpful ShadowChase members; Heidi Ryan, Mike Mason, and Mike Araiza, who made this project possible and served as their project advisors and mentors. Through their journey to earn this coveted award, they found a new family in the ShadowChase running club and could not have wished to be a part of a better organization.

Kiana & Katrina
Girl Scout Troop #2225

Modesto Girl Scouts Katrina Fitzpatrick & Kiana Engel worked with ShadowChase to create a runner’s safety guide and video. This was done as part of the Girl Scout Silver Take Action Project.

Download the SAFE Bucket Guide

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