April GEM Contest

April GEM contest!

The Month of Giving!

Tell us your stories!  Share your moments with us! Post pictures!

Week 1: What has running given to you?   i.e. friends, weight loss, fitness goals, a new lease on life, etc.

Week 2: How have you given back to the running community? i.e. race volunteer, mentor, coach, blood drive, clean up, etc.

Week 3: Who in the running community has given to you or you have given to? Helped you reach a goal, paced you in a race, celebrated you along the way. Or did you help someone accomplish their goals.

Week 4:  Let’s give back to our community!  Join us on April 24th to “Love Modesto”.  We will be joining others from the community, in a socially distanced manner, to give back to our city. Meet us at the East Laloma Park Gazebo at 9am to help us clean our running trail. Let’s LOVE MODESTO together!

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