May GEM Contest

May Mile time trial…

It’s all about the mile this month.  In-person races are slowly but surely returning and we want you to be ready for them when it’s time to return to racing!  We want to help you get faster this month!



What to post on the ShadowChase Facebook page

Week 1: Start with your first 1-mile time trial. Record your time and post it on our Facebook page. It can be running, run/walking, or walking. Choose a program below and let us know what you plan to do to increase your mile time. You can also use your own program if you prefer.

Week 2 & 3: Tell us how it is going.  Post a picture of yourself doing the exercise or a picture of you and a friend (we love accountability partners) during or after the exercise.

Week 4: Complete your last 1-mile time trial and post it.  Again, it can be to run, run/walk, or walk another mile at your fastest pace. Share what you did to improve your time. We want to learn from you………

Fastest pace=a pace so fast that you are breathing hard and you couldn’t maintain it for more than a mile (and barely the mile).  A full out pace.


Here are some links to choose to help your speed training:

  1. Nine ways to run a faster Mile
  2. How to run your fastest Mile
  3. The 3-week training plan to run your fastest Mile ever
  4. Run your fastest Mile ever with these training plans


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