Flat Arch 50 post race notes and long run finish times

Flat Arch 2016

December 31st 2016. New Year’s Eve.


It was a dark and stormy night! No really, it was a dark and stormy Friday night but still over 250 runners signed in early on Saturday morning in light rain. Almost all these runners knew that much of the route is on dirt roads that can turn muddy in wet weather but they still got up early to make it out to the Galas Ranch for the 7:30 am start.

Most of the runners did the 10 mile course that took the dirt roads eastward and turned around after 5 miles just before a particularly wet and muddy section. Others continued through the puddles to turn around after 6 miles or 7.5 miles for a 12 or 15 mile run.

A sizeable group did the full 16 mile loop which provides some nice foothill scenery and about half of that distance is on dirt and half on asphalt.

In spite of the rain and mud we had endless smiles out on the course.

Heidi commented ‘I have to say that everyone who came out to the aid station said they were having fun and enjoyed running in the elements!  It was nice to see happy faces out there’.

Special thanks to our volunteers and helpers including the Galas family, TRM, Mike Araiza, Heidi Ryan, Mike Galas, Jack Styer (pre race), Carey Gregg, Casey Moeckle, Al Miller, Sheila Rose, Emmanuel, Dianna Stewart, Katrina and others. Heidi and Dianna also were out at the remote aid station 4 miles down the road. All the TRM volunteers who helped in the barn to serve food and clean up after everyone. A special thanks to Paul Topping & Angie Jones for cooking the food and Kevin & Laura Pelletier for coordinating the breakfast and providing the food.

Congratulations to all who braved the conditions.

Adrian Crane.

Longer Distance Runners….

Name Distance Time
Vance Roget 50km 6:03
Lori Eakin 50km 6:06
Kristi Payne 17m 3:10
Caleb B 17m
Robert Serpa 17m 3:14
Rod Tilson 17m 3:14
John Rodriguez 17m 3:14
Lewis Ase 16m 2:15
Hunter Jamieson 16m 2:30
Mario Rodriguez 16m 2:30
JR Mintz 16m 2:25
Gilbert Estoban 16m 2:43
Kristi Engel 16m 2:48
Cathy Vitale 16m
Ddee Vargas 16m
Karen Lozano 16m 3:10
Lisa Alba 13m
Bree Fitzpatrick 12m 2:49
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