Flat Arch Results

Flat Arch 50 and Al Stoll Memorial Run 2021-2022

Thirty-five of us enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning out at Knights Ferry for the Flat Arch 50 on Sunday the 2nd. It was chilly early on, especially in the shade, but most agreed it was good running weather. Many runners took the ‘Cemetery Road’ loop and enjoyed quiet country roads and nice views across the Stanislaus River to Lovers Leap. A few of those looking for a longer run went up Sonora Road with its rolling hills and remote feel.

The biggest question of 2022 so far was where we could go for breakfast. As luck would have it, our event fell on the first Sunday of the month and so the Oddfellows were serving their great breakfast at the lodge in Knights Ferry and they saw a lot of runners coming in to enjoy it. Do remember that they serve on the first Sunday of every month throughout the year and so there will be many opportunities to have a good run and a good breakfast.

This was the 39th annual running of the Flat Arch 50. The event is the Modesto version of a race that Joe Oakes began in the Bay Area in 1981. In 1983 Adrian Crane asked if he could participate in Modesto, around Woodward Reservoir, rather than drive all the way to the Bay Area. This was fine with Joe and so began a long string of runs in the Oakdale and Knights Ferry areas. Joe had named his event the ‘Fat Ass 50 Recover from the Holidays’. Due to Adrian’s inborn British politeness, he renamed it ‘Flat Arch’ rather than ‘Fat Ass’. They are both afflictions that affect runners! There have also been additional Fat Ass events all over the country, so we are part of something big.

Thanks to Heidi and Mike Ariza and Carey Gregg for organization and assistance. Thanks to all who came out to run and wishing you a happy and successful New Year.

Adrian Crane


  Distance Time
Pam Noonan 15.00 2:43
J.R. Mintz 15.00 2:43
Mario Rodriguez 13.39 2:40
J.D. Romero 13.30 2:40
Rod Tilson 13.27 2:40
Arty Estrada 12.80 2:37
Rebecca Ciscek 11.00 3:05
Cheryl Gallo 11.00 3:05
Lynda Boyd 9.00 2:03
Danielle Jensen 9.00 2:03
Stephanie Morris 9.00 2:03
Vance Roget 8.50 3:00
Adrian Crane 8.00 1:24
Mary Beth Gish 6.77 2:05
Nancy Hayward 6.70 2:07
Stephanie Edmisten 6.60 2:05
Brenda Chappell 6.20 1:43
Michelle Rabieh 6.20 1:43
Colleen Fitzgerald 6.01 1:33
Dale Ghaner 6.00 1:30
David  Magana 6.00 1:40
Jan Miller 6.00
Allison Nelson 6.00 3:18
Mike Ariza 5.00 1:00
Heidi Ryan 5.00 1:00
Tina ONeal 4.89 1:12
Stacey Silva 4.89 1:12
Rosa Magana 4.50 1:40
Ray Jackson 4.50 1:30
Gary Hayward 4.50 0:49
U. Singh 3.00 1:00
H. Battin 3.00 1:00
Roger Boyd 0.60
Jerome Hicks



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