Flat Arch Run January 2, 2022

The Modesto presentation of
39th Annual in conjunction with

SUNDAY January 2,
2022 Knights Ferry.

Start at 8:00am, Sunday the 2nd of January. Meet at the upper parking lot at Knights Ferry at 7:30. You will be finished in time to relax and enjoy having had enough exercise to justify your New Year festivities.
Start and finish at the Knights Ferry upper parking lot.  There is parking and restrooms available. Parking is $5 per vehicle.
To get to Knights Ferry, follow Highway 120 East out of Oakdale and go about 10 miles. At the signed turning, turn left and go 1 mile to Knights Ferry.

Scenic country roads through the central valley and low foothills. Cemetery hill loop or Sonora Road. If you prefer to run on dirt, there will be a route heading upriver and then back for about 8
miles total. The course is not marked but maps will be provided at the start. Runners are encouraged to run whatever distance will challenge them. 5, 10, 20 26.2, miles or even the classic 50 km or fifty miles! Long or short, all are welcome.

In the spirit of the Flat Arch run, to provide a friendly chance for runners to come out and try a 50 mile or 50km run. To give local experienced runners the opportunity to run close to home after all those commutes to races.
To maintain an event in the memory of Modesto runner and ShadowChase member Al Stoll, who died while running. Runners are welcome to run any distance in this event. Distances of less than 50km (31.2) miles will be especially welcome as they will constitute the Al Stoll memorial event.

Get to the start. No entry fee. Bring your own food and drink. No aid station.
Please tell Adrian info@goldrushar.com if you are planning to do over a 20 mile distance.
No aid, no awards, no wimps. Organizers decision is final on all results and disputes (including religion and politics). Two rules: Keep it fun and keep it safe.
Low key run with an impeccable pedigree. The race began 39 years ago in Half Moon Bay on the coast. This race is the Central
Valley version of the Fat Ass 50. Thanks to Jo Oakes for the original version. The Al Stoll run has been promoted by ShadowChase Running Club for many years in memory of Al Stoll.

Heidi Ryan, info@shadowchase.org or (209) 524-7110

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