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Feeling great about helping Escalon students!

  Kelly Short from the ShadowChase Running Club is super excited to announce that the Escalon Park Fete Race was able to raise a little over $1000 for the El Portal track team, and $500 for the Escalon High Cheerleader Squad! She wants to thank the participants for another incredibly successful year! Also, a shout […]

4 Race Series medal eligibility

Click Here to see if you are in the running for the 4 Race Series finish medal. You don’t have to be a ShadowChase member to receive a race series medal. If you participated in the first 3 races and are participating in the last one you will receive a special medal.  If you missed […]

This ShadowChase member thrives under pressure!

By Karen Lozano Like mortar between the bricks, no matter how long or how well we think we know someone,  when the gaps are filled in we have a new understanding and perhaps admiration for the finished product before us. And so it is with Susan Cooper, a tireless ShadowChase volunteer. Many may not know […]

Watch out! Here comes the Conductor!

By Karen Lozano Taking over as head of the Escalon Park Fete Run three years ago was one tall order for Kelly Short. But the ShadowChase Running Club super volunteer put on her conductor hat and went to work full steam ahead, organizing everything from the 10K and two mile courses, to volunteers, and even […]

Face of ShadowChase!

By Karen Lozano If there was a face to the ShadowChase Running Club, it would definitely belong to Heidi Ryan. Her red hair and frenetic energy are stamped everywhere. She’s perhaps one of the first people you’ll hear from if you join since she currently serves as membership coordinator. She’ll probably be the one answering […]

ShadowChase is an extension of the Myers’ family

By Karen Lozano   Doctor Danielle Myers makes no bones about it: Family is spelled S-H-A-D-O-W-C-H-A-S-E. “My family is scattered all over the country — and both my parents and in-laws have passed away. I could not have raised my two children without the love and support of the ‘family’ that I have found in […]

Kudos to a woman who wears many hats!

By: Karen Lozano In the world of volunteers, there are people whose lives are so fulfilling, they leave you breathless, yet motivated to do better and give more. We are humbled by their selfless gift to others, yet gasping in the wake of their activity. Gabriela Guerrini — Gabi to her friends — is one […]

Board member rolls with the punches!

By Karen Lozano A “short” chat with Fred Myetich might easily turn into an hour long discussion covering everything from gastric bypasses to romance to life in a wheelchair.  He definitely loves to talk, he’ll be the first to tell you, but his folksy persona is perfect for a new member-at-large on the ShadowChase Running […]